Steel Buildings for Canadian Businesses and Farms

The Best Commercial and Agricultural Steel Buildings for Canadian Businesses and Farms

Bringing the businesses and farmers of Western Canada a building technology and solution that stands the test of the Canadian Climate and Conditions.

It’s time to upgrade your buildings to endure the test and meet the demands you have to continue a productive and functional business or farm.

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Why Choose Steel Buildings?

  • Unlike wood structure buildings, steel buildings have steel girts and purlins which account for a stronger and sturdier building. Wood buildings will twist, shift, and warp over time which can lead to many problems like compromised structure as well as leaks and other damage from screws being loosened and stripped.

  • Because of the structural integrity of steel, steel buildings are designed to allow for more utilized space and efficiency so you can make the most from your shop.

  • The steel used in steel buildings is treated and galvanized with a product that protects the building from rust and that withstands warping from condensation.

  • Steel buildings are less prone to fire damage which can save you up to 35-40% on insurance.

  • Steel buildings are not affected by termites and weather related wear.

Made in Manitoba, serving Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta with premium steel buildings.

Base Package
Premium Package
  • Non-insulated
  • Insulated wall panels – 26 gauge steel
  • Built onto 12′ screw piles
  • Built onto a thickened edge concrete slab with floor heat

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Why ShopTech?

Strength and Quality

ShopTech Steel Buildings are the strongest most durable building option available on the market. Our steel buildings stand the test of time and we stand by that statement of strength and and quality.

Quick Delivery

With ShopTech, you can have a steel building ordered, delivered, and installed on your commercial property in less than 4 weeks so you can get on with your business or farm.

The Smart Option

A ShopTech Steel Building is the smartest option for your next building. Steel buildings are stronger, designed with more space efficiency, and can save you money in the long run.

Now Offering Leasing

You can now finance your building project through us so you can get your steel building up when you need it!

Take a look at some of the buildings we put up.

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Use our shop design tool to customize and digitally create
your own building to suite your needs.

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Bring Your Old Building Back to Life With a ShopTech Renovation

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